Let’s imagine the situation: There is thirst for a good game of basketball in your blood! Your fingers twitch at the thought of a basketball and your mind is focused just on one thing: how to throw the ball in the basket as many times as possible!

Now, let’s be realistic! You are sick and tired of an empty court in the neighborhood! Your fellows have no more time to play a good basketball match like in the good old days! They keep talking about their everyday duties, but all you hear are excuses, excuses…

Travel the world like a superstar basketmaster!

It’s never been easier to shoot hoops and enjoy! You don’t have to wait for anybody anymore, everything you need to do is so simple! Download “Shooting Hoops – 3 Point Basketball Games” and start your journey through different courts!

Get your shorts on, prepare your wrist and get the best result in “Shooting Hoops – 3 Point Basketball Games”! You will travel the world as you’re shooting hoops! Real opponents will wait for you in one of the 27 towns, in nine regions of the world!

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!

Shoot basketball from the three-point line and get the balls in the hoop in the shortest amount of time!

Make as many three-point shots as you can with 60 seconds on the clock, take part in an awesome three-point contest and dominate the court!

While the clock is ticking…

It is cliché, but in case you are not nervous, it doesn’t matter to you! Anyhow, don’t allow the pressure to take over you! Be the one their coaches warned about!

“If you have uncertainty or concern about a shooter, or feel that the ’pressure’ of the shot, it is because you have not practiced it,” Michael Jordan says. “The only way to ease that strain is to construct your principles, and practice them over and over.” When you are not practicing, someone else is getting better! Are you agree?

Booster balls are in your hands!

What are you going to do? Stay focused! Your body is controlled by your mind. Controlling your mind through thought is called focus. Pure focus equals maximum performance!

Demonstrate your shooting skills!

Be in the moment – no past, no future and only aware of the meditative mantra feeling of the ball rolling off your fingers!

As you make progress through the game, your skills will be improved! Your progress is shown through movement on the map and as experience. The more experienced, the better the shots! You compete with other players around the world. The higher your shooting skill, the harder the opponents!

Who’s ready for this one?!

Life is like a game of basketball. You can score a lot, you could lose easily, and you can quit. You have to make a decision. If you decide to be a player, a new daily mission will be your strategy! Imagine that: 27 towns – 3 missions each! Be the one whose middle name is ‘mission complete’!

The deciding moment is on!

Pick your favorite player and customize him as you always wanted! LeBron James has hit seven buzzer-beaters in his career, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Only Joe Johnson, who hit eight, has more!

Nine seasons with 100-plus three-point attempts and a 40-plus three-point percentage! Remember this achievement referenced earlier for Mike Miller? Now, no one has more than Steve Nash, who finished a whopping 13 campaigns with those hefty numbers!

The fourth quarter is your favorite, isn’t it?

“I know a lot has been said about me being a great shooter, being one of the best,” Ray Allen said during his Hall of Fame speech. “But what I know, this person that is presenting me tonight, Reggie Miller, is the best shooter I’ve seen in my life.”

A few moments in Miller’s career were as illustrative of that ability and the aforementioned confidence as the legendary eight points in nine seconds!

“The fourth quarter is when you have to win games and when players have to make shots. That’s why you do whatever it is you need to do”, explains Ray Allen.

Show them who’s the king of the court!

Coming into this decade, 3-point shooting was a relatively niche skill reserved for role players or the occasional sharpshooting All-Stars like Allen and Miller. But now shooting is everything, as Curry showed us the 3-pointer can be the dominant shot of the league’s most dominant scorers.

That three-point revolution mentioned earlier? Curry is its George Washington.

Who is your pick in the favorite season of all – basketball?

Larry Bird, Peja Stojakovic, Dirk Nowitzki, Luka Doncic, Bogdan Bogdanovic, James Harden, Steve Kerr, Hubert Davis, Jason Kapono, Steve Novak, Joe Harris, B.J. Armstrong, Glen Rice, Mike Miller, JJ Redick…

The world is still buzzing about their masterpieces in the world of 3 points shooting! Choose your representative on the court, set your mind, and be a buzzer-beater!

Think you’re better than me? That’s nice…

All I need is a ball and a hoop and I’ll be set for the game.

If at first you don’t succeed, it’s because of me.

“I believed every time out I was the best. And the more shots I hit, the more it reinforced that,” Michael Jordan says. “So, when you miss — because no matter how great you are, you will miss — you don’t waver, because you’ve built yourself a nice little cushion of confidence.”

Dale Ellis agrees with Jordan: “I’m the best shooter of all time. I know that from the jump. I set the standard. I gave them something to shoot for. I was the first player in the history of the game to get 1,000 3-pointers. To be able to play on that level, you have to have that attitude about yourself. You can say it’s arrogant or cocky or whatever, but that’s OK. There’s no way you can compete without it. There’s no way you can excel without that confidence level.”

Get the highest true shooting percentage! Become the most efficient volume scorer on the planet!

Download “Shooting Hoops – 3 Point Basketball Games” and improve your jump shots! Let them be as close to perfect as it gets!

It’s about the same every time. Whether you’re coming from the corner, running an elevator cut from the paint, dribbling into a three, let the catch-and-release form is as consistent as it gets. Your shoulders are square, that right elbow is around 90 degrees and the follow-through is pure.

That is one of those shots that will be on the instructional videos for years to come.

You get it, don’t you?