The tenth anniversary of creating an unforgettable adventure

Year after year, we’ve worked very hard to develop our team, upgrade our strategies and grow our business. We’ve achieved great success, but we’ve also suffered losses and had downturns. Each mistake has been a valuable lesson that has made us stronger and even more determined to succeed. In the manner of progress, the new […]

We’re ready for great moments

The end of the year is a great opportunity to celebrate the successes we had achieved and challenges we had overcome TOGETHER during the year behind us. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with all dear colleagues for the past 365 days and to get to know each other even better. […]

We are taking part in Google for Startups Accelerator Program 2019!

We are thrilled to announce that Google for Startups recognized our company’s potential to grow and that we have been chosen to participate in Google Launchpad Accelerator Program 2019 in Warsaw! We attended the first of three rounds of lectures provided by the Accelerator Program in Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw, and calling it […]

It is the energy that our employees carry that makes our projects come true!

“Hey, this place looks great!” Comments such as this one could be heard while we were wandering around the Thalatta Kalamitsi Village camp, the place we chose as our team-building destination this year. The camp was huge. There was something for everyone. A swimming pool for those who preferred the smell of chlorine over the […]

Team bonding time

Hey guys! Since we have been working so hard this year and have made great results at work, it is high time to go somewhere to relax and play a little bit. Right now we’re preparing for new team-building activities in Greece. For four days we’ll enjoy the beautiful camp on Sithonia! The vacation mood […]

Super talented boy in Webelinx world!

As soon as we received fifteen-year-old Luka Đoković’s CV, we knew we should give him a chance! An excellent primary school pupil fearlessly applied to the practice program in our company, so we decided he deserved to be rewarded. Luka has shown an extraordinary knowledge in the field of programming, which, as he pointed out, […]

Very amusing March 2018!

It’s always our great pleasure to support festivals like “Nauk Nije Bauk” or fairs like “Job Fair Niš”! Curious young people always ask questions and prove to us that the effort we put into developing our apps and games is the real path of what we do. We use science every day! We organize student […]

Webelinx was a host to the students of the Faculty of Arts

It was a great pleasure to host the students of the Faculty of Arts, the first-prize winners of this year’s contest! Webelinx, in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts, has organized this contest fourth year in a row. Students are given a unique opportunity to show their design skills through conceptual design projects and solutions! […]