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Our dear Sanja, 3D Artist, has taken part in The People’s Notre-Dame Design Competition which aim is to find the best solution for the renovation of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, the tower of which burst into flames a few months ago! Her idea is among a few dozens of the propositions from all around the world, and it stands out from the others because of its socially engaged aspect. 'The proposition is the new roof implementation which will hold the form of the former one, but it will be made out of weathering steel. This material is chosen because it looks old itself so that, after implementation, it won't seem as if the roof has been renovated, but as if it exists and changes with the cathedral for centuries. The tower reconstruction is not proposed by the design, but setting up the lights on the former tower place. These lights would lighten up Paris sky and remind people of the tower and the loss caused by negligence', Sanja explains her idea. Sanja's solution will not only lead to the reconstruction of the burnt cathedral but also enable helping the homeless. 'Since it is simple, this approach would lead to faster reconstruction and more economical fund management planned for it.' Voting for the best solution is open until July 31th, 2019! A registration on is needed in order to vote! Let's collect as many votes as possible for an excellent Sanja's solution! Vote for ID# 10143! Well done, Sanja, we're so proud of you! #socialresponsibility #art #creativity #design #architecture #notredame

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