Free casual games for mobile platforms are our field of expertise, as well as diverse apps for daily use. We create and develop the best artistic, fanciful and challenging games and apps for Android and iOS mobile platform. Our one and only goal is to provide users with high-quality games/apps and let them enjoy!


How? Simply.

We do it with passion, excellence and  imagination. We invest all of our critical thinking and constantly upgrade our knowledge and skills.

Our goal reflects in identifying highly-motivated, talented and diligent individuals as initiators of inspiring ventures. Since Webelinx mostly employs young and ambitious people, it grows and matures alongside them, just like a kid growing up. Thus, we devote much attention to our employees and care about keeping them contented. Our motto is simple:

“Our employees are our strongest asset. Thus, our success equals the amount of inspiration and motivation that our employees feel.”

Our Values


Inventing new worlds and fictional characters demands a high level of creativity and imagination. Einstein once said that logic will take one from A to Z, but imagination will take them anywhere.


When it comes to work, talent is not enough. Hard work is a must.


It is only friendliness and readiness to help & support each other that has kept us together and moving forward.


“T- Together; E- Everyone; A- Achieves; M- More”


A worthy man is loyal to his principles, his family and his work. Webelinx expects nothing more than that.


A highly professional and devoted team of workers who passionately perform their duties. Professional growth and skills-improvement are always encouraged and stimulated.


Since ‘all work, no play’ isn’t fun, we have ensured some entertainment for our staff at work – foosball, X-box, social games, video games etc. whilst team-buildings, after-work-beers and numerous hanging-outs really make us function great!