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Our Products

Tarot Card Reading & Horoscope

Are you looking for a path to success? Spread the cards and start the journey. Believe it or not, these small paper cards can be a faithful guide for all your life doubts. If you are eager to open to the spiritual world, welcome to our supernatural tarot room.

Once you enter it, you will definitely love the magical design. Become successful in controlling your life path by taking advice these magic cards are trying to give you. Yes, you must be curious now…and you feel you are on the edge of your seat! This app gives you a quick response with 3-card spread, a more detailed 6-card spread or the answer to your Yes/No question. Amazing, isn`t it?! Moreover, its daily horoscope will help you overcome the obstacles your star sign has for you.

Open your mind, guide your decisions and shape your goals…take the future into your own hands! Let your spiritual adventure begin with our exceptional tarot app!


Doll Avatar Maker

Welcome to our world of cartoonish dolls for boys and girls! Would you like to create a virtual character that will look exactly like you? Create unique profile pictures for social networks and messaging apps and do it with style.

Nowadays, everyone needs a cool avatar pic that will represent them in the digital world. Stand out from the crowd with our cute face character maker app. Get all the attention you need and boost followers and likes with a completely exceptional character which will become your personal trademark. Customize your avatar with thousands of different combinations and get a perfect virtual representative.

Choose skin color, accessories, hairstyles, makeup, and the like to make your own person which will astonish everyone on gaming and blogging sites. Play with your creativity to design an avatar like you.

My Secret Diary

with Lock

If you are looking for an amazing app to record all your adventures and milestones of your life, then our diary is the one for you! It’s a safe space where you can write about your private thoughts and memories without having to fear someone else will read them.

You can also make your diary super cute and girly with lovely color themes & chic backgrounds. Our amazing emoji mood tracker takes care of your feelings and helps you see how your emotions change over time. To make your memories more precious, add the most beloved picture of your adventure to your entry.
Have fun reading the diary over in a few years, enjoy a dear memory all over again or have a good laugh. Remember all the good and fun times and be sure this secret diary won’t give away anything!

Sticky Notes & Color Widgets

In hectic times like these, it’s easy to lose track of time, forget important dates, and be late for meetings. With that in mind, we’ve decided to create a sticky notes widget to help you out! We offer you checklists and reminders that can be fully customized, and with them, you will never again forget to go to the dentist appointment, a friend’s birthday, or mix up a grocery shopping list.

Trying to get your life more organized? Struggling to remember everything that needs to be done? The sticky notes widget offers you an easy solution! Create quick memos, ideas, to-dos and pin them to your home screen. Write your fast ideas and thoughts and keep them at your disposal all the time. To keep your notes secure, you can sync them and prevent any unauthorized access.

There are numerous options of note-taking such as dictation, text, scan, drawing, and picture which guarantees that you’ll never be bored with this app. So, get organized and do your chores with ease!

Smooth Launcher Themes

It’s time to change the look of your smartphone! If you like bright colors and exquisite motives, you will enjoy the novelty of beautiful themes and awesome wallpapers. Default launchers are boring, right?! Why not try this new one and spice up your screen?!

Smartphones are our favorite necessity and each time we make a small change, we feel like we bought a brand new phone. So, it’s high time to accessorize with a shiny new launcher! Stunning icon shapes & cool wallpapers with both artistic and abstract details will beautify your phone screen in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is choose the theme that catches your eye and enjoy looking at it each time you unlock your device!

Not only will this launcher run smoothly but it will also bring new content for you. High-quality design with a wide spectrum of colors and trendy wallpapers will chase away the boring old screen look.

Find The Difference

Great Graphics

It’s never boring in the world of find-the-difference games. With many different stories and levels, we bring you hours of entertainment and an opportunity to sharpen your logical skills. So it’s time to put on your detective hat and start finding those differences.

The game contains levels of various difficulties and interesting stories with different environments and narrators. There are mystery stories, romance, scary sites, fairy tale places, and many more. Along with enchanting music, there are additional mini-games to solve, just to spice things up a little bit. Search and find all differences between the two scenes and get as many points as you can.

We are proud to say that this game has excellent graphics, vivid colors, and awesome gameplay. It will constantly bring new levels with different rooms, places, and objects, so your mind will never get bored. So, start comparing pictures side by side, test your logic and quick fingers, and enjoy!


Realtime Multiplayer

We’re proud to present you a real-time multiplayer sudoku game, unique on the market. Turn that logic on and start competing with other players to get the best score! Sudoku game is an excellent pastime for all of you who want to improve memory, concentration, and focus. If you play it every day, you’re in for lots of fun! 

We’ve created this brain teaser with the aim to appeal to your competitive side as well. Find your worthy opponents and awaken a winner in you. And for more good news – we’ve created hints for you that can be very useful when competing within the limited time.

Practice in the single-player mode where you can earn coins and get ready to beat the other players. If you connect your social media accounts, you will be able to play with your friends to double and even quadruple your prizes! We carefully crafted this game to get the brain cells going, so it’s high time you start playing!

Banana Island – Bobo’s Epic Tale


Run, monkey, run! Meet our super-skilled friend Bobo McMonkey! He gets crazy in his endless parkour jungle journey to rescue his beloved Lily. 

Our adventurers feel excitement all the time by going on a banana hunt and joining our crazy jungle party in this amazing monkey kick-off jungle saga!

Join Bobo’s rescue mission and help him jump, run and swing in an attempt to save his love. Enjoy constant excitement and fun – battle the flying baboons and beat the angry gorilla king in the most thrilling jungle monkey saga!


or How it all Began

Yes, we must be proud of this one! Not only was this game an impressive start for our company, but it also gained tremendous popularity back in 2011. And did so smoothly on its way to fame! With so much brilliance and pride, we were not ready to stop there. This unbelievable-for-that-time game was just a stepping stone to all the success our company has achieved so far.

The game glorifies the anonymous garage band So&So on their musical journey giving you a chance to help them with your skillful playing. What our players like the most about the game is the competitive spirit it brings – the players choose to play from a range of 15 different hit
songs which are getting more difficult as you unlock each level. Yes, it requires a lot of practice and consistency to become a true music star.

We are truly thankful to So&So, a cover band from Nis, Serbia, for giving us this unforgettable chance to work together and for being a part of our starting game & app adventure.