Together we stand!

Together we stand!

Webelinx adventures keep getting even more exciting! This year, Team Webelinx headed east to conquer a new social and playing ground. The final destination was Bor lake, a wonderful place to seek refuge from the hot July days.

This year’s teambuilding was special in that it brought together many new employees who enriched and empowered Team Webelinx in the previous year, and who had a chance to bond and get to know each other better. Fresh faces brought together fresh energy which made the games even more entertaining! The employees were divided into four teams. Entire teams participated in the Geography trivia challenge, then the most avid puzzle lovers got together to assemble the scattered pieces! However, the most amusing part was the sack race in which the entire teams took part again. The sports day was ended with the rounds of table-tennis and bowling, which proved to be a whole new experience for many. As hidden talents emerged, bowling pins fell one after another!

The event left enough time after the games to relax and enjoy, and this landscape is certainly rich enough to offer such opportunities. The lake view surrounded by the forest left us speechless, and three days on the beach beside the lake were enough to switch the zen mode on which made work tasks a whole lot easier upon our return to offices.

Our team is much stronger now and more eager than ever to work devotedly and create magical worlds that you, our users, love to wander into!

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